The new store is located at 2521 Rutland Dr Suite 600 at the corner of Burnet and Rutland. The strip mall actually faces Burnet Road.  Some things may still be in boxes,  but we will be happy to look for items that are not yet out whenever possible.


Great Hall Games is a game store which carries traditional games which don’t require batteries or a plug. From Chess to Checkers- Go to Backgammon-Board Games to Puzzles, and Dice to Gaming supplies we carry it all.

We also have in store space for gaming events and special gaming nights every week. Check out our Events Page for more information.


New Game time three new games from Osprey Publishing:
Horizon Wars a Sci-Fi miniatures rules set
Ravens of Thri Sahashri a cooperative card game for two
Escape from the Aliens Bluffing and secret Identity's on a damaged space station.

Two new expansions for #Munchkin from Steve Jackson games.
World's Fair 1893 a #Mensa award winner
New Paper Wars Magazine.
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New games in New Time Stories Expansion Under the Mask, A wonderful little family game about making up Fairy Tales called Storyline From Asmodee games. Odin's Ravens a two player racing game.We got in Village and the Village Inn Expansion for this fun new resource manager from Stronghold Games. and Gladiator: Quest for the Rudisa fast paced card driven game about gladiatorial combat. come in and check these and many more out' and try some of our demo games ... See MoreSee Less

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Phone: 512-505-0055
Toll Free 1- 888-827-2662

2521 Rutland Drive suite 600
Austin, TX 78758


Open 7 Days a week!

Monday 11:00 – 6:00 pm
Tuesday-Friday 11:00 – 10:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 – 8:00 pm
Sunday Noon – 6:00 pm